I’ve decided to start a blog of my experiences as an amateur fruit grower here in Malta, NY. Im situated at the forest’s edge, and have very limited space for growing apples and paw-paws.  My USDA Hardiness zone is 5a bordering on 5b with the latest update, climate can be described as a moderately humid continental, not usually exceeding 95 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and usually not dropping below -15 Fahrenheit in the winter.

USDA Zones & Me:

My Climate Chart:

This blog will be from a small backyard grower’s point of view and will focus on many different topics, like reviews of different varieties as I come across them, my planting situation which will include neurosis around the amount of sun my trees get, pests, diseases and the joys of growing apples and fruit in my backyard. Its all about what works and what doesnt.

I’ll have references and experiences posted about both apples and paw-paws once I have those planted. So far my apple plantings have been Jonamac, which is my favorite apple so far, Kidd’s Orange Red, and Orleans Reinette. I also have a crab apple out in front that is nearly 30 years old and will be grafted over as a “family tree”.

I will keep this blog updated as often as possible with new experiences and content. I look forward to interacting with the commentators here and hearing about your experiences.


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