Sun Watching

I used the Sun Earth Tools website just before planting to confirm where the sun would be at different times of the growing season. Just to make sure I wasnt cheating my trees out of sun, considering I dont get all day sun, but just enough to grow apples.

Sun Earth Tools will show sun and shade patterns along with the position of the sun throughout the day you specify. It will also give you solstice arcs to show you maximum sun at the summer solstice and minimum sun at the winter solstice.

Thats my house in the picture and the reference point is between my Orleans Reinette and Kidd’s Orange Red trees. As you can see I dont have a lot of space in my yard for apple trees due to the number of tall trees in the area. The yellow arc is today’s sun path, and the black arcs are the solstice sun paths.

Pretty neat tool to use, to keep you from guessing where the sun is each day. You can update the date to show the sun arc for any day of the year. It was helpful to me in confirming where I should plant trees to get the most sun possible. 

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