May Update

The trees are really starting to take off now with the more consistent warm weather.
Cristin and I put down Lobster Compost (pH 6.6), we went with Coast of Maine products, they’re organic and this mix does not have manure in it. We put it around the trees to give nutrients and create a moisture cap to keep the trees happy in this sandy soil. The mix cost me just over $50 for 6 bags.
Its been a wild couple of months for weather, its been raining here for the past few days, which is normal, but this year so far has been anything but normal.

Coast of Maine Quoddy mix:

Orleans Reinette

Looking pretty good to start, typical late bloomer, it was slow to warm, but appears to want to start branching out. There are a few buds too low in the hardware cloth that I will have to rub off, also I need to determine what height I want the lowest branch and cut the hardware cloth around accordingly.

Some new research on triploids by the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs found genetically Orleans Reinette is a Triploid, meaning its own pollen is not useful for pollination purposes.
Looks like Jonamac or Kidd’s Orange Red will be needed to get this tree going.
We’ll see if that will mean hand fertilization, I hope the bees will do the work for me.

Kidd’s Orange Red

Plenty of life with this tree.
Im surprised its blossoming after being transplanted, but it is very attractive.
Buds/Blossoms are at Pink stage.
Not thrilled with the trunk twist, but that should even out over time.


I took a picture of this tree at this angle so I can show where it is in relation to the other trees. Its taking off after heading it back in March, and looks pretty good. Some of the buds on the lower part of the scion are taking off as well, so its pretty happy. We switched out a more acidic compost for the less acidic compost, evened out the ground more, as you see with the dirt patches.

After the Oak and Spruce trees in the nearest background are taken care of and we even out the ground, till, seed, and water, in a few years when the trees are more mature, this should be an amazing side lot to look at.

Speaking of which, I was looking out my upstairs loft window yesterday and saw a neighbor going for a walk with her kid, she was looking at the side lot repeatedly, at last glance I saw her lips say “What is that?”. Im sure the neighbors will figure it out soon enough. 🙂

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