Apple Weights and Measures

Apple Weights & Measures
Learn How Many Apples in a Pound and How Many Apples in a Bushel.

1 pound equals:
3 medium apples
2 cups sliced

3 pounds equals:
8-9 medium apples
one 9 inch pie

1 peck equals:
10-12 pounds
32 medium apples
3-4~ 9 inch pies
7-9 quarts frozen
4 quarts canned

1 bushel equals:
42-48 pounds
126 medium apples
15~ 9 inch pies
30-36 pints frozen
16-20 quarts canned


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6 Responses to Apple Weights and Measures

  1. greytchase says:

    I can’t remember how I came across your blog, but I wanted to comment. Sounds like we are in a similar situation regarding experience, age, and apple interest. I find it fascinating that Saginaw, Michigan is almost due west from Malta, except we are in zone 6 (formerly 5b). The other big difference is that i’m trying not to use chemicals. I have no problem with eating apples that have been sprayed, but I want to try it organically first to see if I can do it. The crops around here were totally destroyed. I talked to two different orchard owners close by, and both said there is nothing left. Good luck in your endevour!


  2. megamav says:

    Thanks for following along Jeff, the cold air from the Hudson Valley has a lot to do with the 5a rating, I suspect im closer to 5b based on the last few winters. -10 to -15 seems to be the floor here, im actually at the top of a hill. In terms of spraying, I needed to use Sevin this week to keep the aphids in check on the Jonamac. I’ll be using minimal treatments of Triazicide and Immunox going forward when I get fruit. If you’re interested in organic growing take a look at Michael Phillips book The Apple Grower. You can find it on amazon:


    • greytchase says:

      I have Phillips’ new book, The Holistic Orchard. When I had the ants/aphid problems, I got some diatomaceous earth to kill the ants, but it’s been pretty windy (plus, the guy behind me had 10 acres and there is no wind block) so it didn’t work too well with one application. Ended up using my thumb and crushing the aphids (not exactly the holistic approach, but oh well) over the course of a week or so. You must have some orchards in your area as well, being in upstate New York. I see your trees are in a smaller area than mine and are on more dwarfing rootstock. That will probably be easier to manage than the six I have on MM111. I want to plant a few on dwarf rootstock, but am not overly-enthused about needing permanent staking.

      • megamav says:

        Yeah, MM111 is a pretty big tree, and huge on tip bearers. 75% of standard. My biggest is the Jonamac at about 60% of standard. Permanent staking in your situation may be a good idea anyway considering the trees are exposed to non-broken winds. I’ll give Diatomaceous Earth a look, the ants are all setting up around the tree.


      • greytchase says:

        I don’t know if you have a Tractor Supply/Fleet Farm store around you to get it at, but when I went and asked at Home Depot, the 17 year old just gave me a blank stare, then tried to sell me Sevin.

      • megamav says:

        I do have Tractor Supply Co. I’ll have to look for it. Thanks.

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