August Update

Well the trees have pretty much made it thru the summer. I’ve watered them constantly due to our drought conditions here. We didnt get much snow in the winter, and its continued through the summer. Its getting a little unnerving wondering when a raining week will finally come. No fertilizing outside of this spring, strictly water, and they’ve responded well.


Go Jonamac! G30 size tree has responded well to the increase in sun from the tree removal in June. The graft union and trunk has gotten noticeably thicker in the past 2 months. Not sure if we’ll get fruit next year. If we do it may be 10-15 fruits. We’ll see.


Kidd’s Orange Red:

Lookin pretty good, its beating out the Orleans Reinette. Looks like a real hearty tree, the trunk has a green color to it. Probably from getting wider. Its got a bit of apple scab on it, but with a meticulous amount of cleanup in the fall, we’ll see if it does better next year, the Jonamac did.


Orleans Reinette:

Seems like a runty tree, it was slow to start growing in the spring. Its done pretty well, but in the growing competition its getting outclassed by Kidd’s Orange Red. Orleans Reinette has a larger sized rootstock on it, and its running behind. I’d say there is a slim chance of fruit next year, not enough leaves. Scaffolds are a little too thick for my liking, but I’ve been training them down slowly.


Overall, they’ve responded well, and survived the initial transplant times. Lets hope for a wet fall and a NORMAL amount of snow and cold for winter.

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