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Empress Apple Review

About – Vista Bella x Jonamac (MacIntosh x Jonathan) cross. Shape – Somewhat lumpy, some specimens are “upside down” or “bottom heavy”. Skin – Not much smell. Patches of green under red, almost as if its picked too early. Skin is … Continue reading

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Prepping the Pawpaw Patch

Prepped the Pawpaw patch area today. I ordered Susquehanna, Shenandoah and NC-1 from Forrest Keeling Nursery this week. Pawpaws are Native American fruit trees that look like tropical trees, but are hardy down to about -25 degrees Fahrenheit. The flesh … Continue reading

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Jonamac Apple Review

About – MacIntosh x Jonathan cross. Shape – Round, somewhat lumpy, but not ribbed. Skin – Not much smell other than fall leaves and grass. 80% red, the best ones are almost 100% red. Those usually have hung in the sun … Continue reading

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Arlet (Swiss Gourmet) Apple Review

About – Golden Delicious x Idared cross Shape – Round, uniform, slightly bottom heavy. Skin – Smells grassy, its red with yellow flush w/ russet on top, medium density, somewhat chewy. Flesh – Slightly yellow, slightly crunchy with a good amount … Continue reading

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Found this guy on Orleans Reinette:

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