Arlet (Swiss Gourmet) Apple Review

About – Golden Delicious x Idared cross

Shape – Round, uniform, slightly bottom heavy.
Skin – Smells grassy, its red with yellow flush w/ russet on top, medium density, somewhat chewy.
Flesh – Slightly yellow, slightly crunchy with a good amount of density.
Taste – Slightly sweet, moderately juicy, has the aromatics of Golden Delicious but not so prominent, slightest hint of sweet cherry just before aftertaste.

Notes: In terms of snacking, the size of the apple and its flavor make it very refreshing. I can think of other apples I would rather have, but this one is very good, I would prefer it over most supermarket varieties. The flavor is not strong, probably from the Idared lineage. If you enjoy the flavors of Golden Delicious but would like more bite to the apple try this one.
We have not yet cooked with it.
Slices start to turn brown after approximately 15 minutes.

Fresh eating rating: 6/10
Culinary rating: TBD

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