Jonamac Apple Review

About – MacIntosh x Jonathan cross.

Shape – Round, somewhat lumpy, but not ribbed.
Skin – Not much smell other than fall leaves and grass. 80% red, the best ones are almost 100% red. Those usually have hung in the sun the longest and have the richest flavors. Skin is thin, hardly noticeable when chewing its so thin.
Flesh – Very white, looks whiter than it really is due to the bright red skin contrast. Flesh is almost airy, very light but juicy.
Taste – It marries the flavors of its 2 parents, MacIntosh and Jonathan flawlessly. They flow from sweet, to berries, to tart notes, to vinous, to a spice aftertaste that involves a hint of cinnamon or nutmeg.

Notes: This is one of my all time favorites but it does have its flaws. Its marketed as a “before Mac” meaning it can be picked before Macs. This may be true, but its peak flavors can be had if the fruit is left to hang almost to the point of dropping. In New York this is the last week in September to early October.

This is a wonderful specimen from the New York State AgEx station, and one of the more under appreciated orchard apples around. If you like the vinous notes of MacIntosh, but are looking for more complexity and less tartnesss to complete the experience, or you like Jonathan but want a softer and sweeter experience, try Jonamac, its just represents its parents best qualities in 1 apple.

It does not keep however, so cold storage for about 6 weeks will be your limit on flavor quality. Its a soft apple, and doesnt take to abuse real well, bruises easily. It falls apart when cooked, so a pie made exclusively with these wouldnt turn out so well, but as a filler to add some sweetness and spice to tart cooking apples, this apple would fit the bill. Slices turn brown after about 10 minutes.

Fresh eating rating: 8/10
Culinary rating: 4/10

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