Kidd’s Orange Red Apple Review

About – Cox’s Orange Pippin x American Delicious cross. Developed by James Hutton Kidd and put up for consideration in the 1930’s after Kidd’s passing. Its intent was to marry the successes of our hot american variety at the time, with the irresistible complexity of Cox’s Orange Pippin.

Shape – Delicious-Variety-Like or heart shaped. Sometimes larger on one side than the other and leans on the plate.
Skin – Yellow and Red striping. Blushes of yellow and red give the appearance of orange.
Flesh – Light Golden yellow, not extremely juicy, but juicy enough to deliver the flavors well. Dense but softly crumbling, not snappy.
Taste – There is a lot going on here. Sweetness at first taste and a tartness in the aftertaste with a lot of tanginess, honey, pear flavors and floral notes mixed in between. This apple takes a lot of bites to full grasp what is going on. Very complex taste, but is very pleasant to eat. Some bites are more intense than others. The tangyness can be felt in the jowls on the most intense bites. Umanmi abounds.

I was turned on to grow this variety after watching stephenhayesuk on YouTube a couple of years ago. I had an opportunity to buy some of these this year at Montgomery Place Orchards in Red Hook, NY. This variety does not disappoint in the flavor and complexity department.

I would put this apple in a very elite class. Juicy enough to be refreshing, complexities rarely found in your typical American orchards. It keeps well. This apple im reviewing has been in storage for 6 weeks and the flavors have really come together without drying out. I cant say I would consider cooking with this one. The flesh is very finely grained and doesnt seem to hold together well. Its best purpose is probably for enjoying out of hand or make a really interesting apple sauce. Mix these with a tart variety to take sauce over the top. I’m extremely satisfied with this being a choice for my yard, the blossoms are a very attractive hot pink color.

Eating more than one of these at a time may be a bit much, but if you have a bland variety before this one, you’ll see an apple’s true potential in Kidd’s Orange Red. Very similar to Cox’s Orange Pippin in terms of flavor, but larger and easier to grow. Definitely worth seeking out to stock up, and recommended to grow in your yard or orchard.

Bottom line: If you enjoy the flavors of Gala, you’re getting a mere prelude to Kidd’s Orange Red. The most average and past Kidd’s Orange Red surpasses the most prime Gala. Orchards should pair Gala trees with Kidd’s Orange Red. A true compliment.

Thank you James Hutton Kidd, our satisfaction abounds beyond your lifetime.
Well done sir, rest in peace.

Update: I had my last one today, January 1st from my chest storage, and its still a delight to eat. Definitely safe to say it will keep till at least February in 34 degree storage.

Fresh eating rating: 8/10
Culinary rating: N/A

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