Belle de Boskoop Apple Review

About –  Originated in the Netherlands in the mid 1800s.

Shape – Almost looks like a parallelogram, shifted and flat. Stem looks short, fat and starchy.
Skin – Rough textured, reminds me of Golden Russet. About 50% russet with a yellow background and red flush. It has a starchiness chew to it. Eaten alone it has a nutty flavor.
Flesh – Pretty dense, crunchy. Off white to the side of yellow. My specimen has some water core. When biting and attempting to snap the flesh, it bends a lot before giving. Its hard to cut, even with a sharp flat bladed parring knife.
Taste – Ever so slightly sweet, more tart, citrus taste with a hint of lemons. The experience includes slight effervescence at first bite. Tangyness resides well after taste. Has an acidic layer to it, it may mellow with storage as most keepers do. I’d call this one sharp.

Bottom line: This variety is touted as dual purpose, eating and cooking. This is known to keep well, far into the spring most years. I could see this variety being a dual purpose apple if you like tart eating. Its pretty impressive in size and heft. Its really dense and attractive. This one is in consideration for grafting, its tree growth habit is vigorous and it bears regularly. The flesh really reminds me of how Golden Russet has that thick, dense, snappy bite but without all of the syrupy sweetness. I’d be curious to see how this apple cooks, its known to be the best apple for strudel.

I wasnt half way thru tasting, 5 minutes, and it was already oxidizing.

Update: After an additional 6 weeks in storage, I can see how this is a dual purpose apple. The acidic sharpness or bite has reduced, and the flavor of the apple is really starting to come out. I’d say a good 10-12 weeks in storage this apple is really good, we will see if I have any left in a few weeks to test again.

Fresh eating rating: 6/10 – 2 weeks off tree doesnt seem to be enough. After 8 weeks this apple is really starting to show its potential. Its an acceptable eating apple if you like an acidic, almost unripe orange flavor, I’d say almost a tangerine flavor. Not much sweetness, maybe a hint. I wouldnt eat it any sooner than 8 weeks in storage.

Culinary rating: 9/10 – Cristin made the strudel and it was a memorable experience. Delightfully sweet/tart after cooking, the slices were still firm and the citrus flavor stood out. Everything came together with the puff pastry. Amazing strudel apple. We’re grafting it in the spring assuming the scion wood comes it, and we’ll make good use of it.

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