Pitmaston Pineapple Apple Review

About –  Originated in the UK, some say its related to Golden Russet.

Shape – Shapes vary, some more tall, some more flat. Size of a golf ball.
Skin – Brown to yellow russet. Rough, fine grained. Crunchy by its self.
Flesh – Very fine, well compact, medium density. Lightly juicy.
Taste – Sweet and tangy. Little acid. Light flavors, easy to eat. Citrusy brightness. Light nuttiness at the end. Maybe a very slight hint of vanilla in some bites. High quality flavor for those who appreciate flavor subtleties. 2 words, light n’ sweet.

Bottom line: A very small apple, easily mistaken for a crab apple, but its packaged with many different flavors. These came from Mongomery Place Orchards in Red Hook, NY. I think they were picked 1-2 weeks early. Some were green on the inside. They’ve kept well enough, still very tasty after 2 months in cold storage. Doesn’t bruise real easy, it was one of the first apples in the chest freezer and its been jostled around quite a bit. No bruises. Yellow ones have the best flavor, brownish ones keep best. Very small and a tip bearer, so crops are light. Probably an apple for someone who must have this specific flavor, but probably not the best choice to grow if you had 5 trees or less.

Fresh eating rating: 6/10 – Does very well on flavor, especially if you’re in the mood for something light and flavorful.
Culinary rating: N/A – I wouldnt, small pieces end up as tiny crumbles. This one is meant for dessert.

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