Reine des Reinettes Apple Review

About –  French apple, not too much is known about this one, other than it was reinvented with the name King of The Pippins in England.

Shape – Round, fairy even and uniform, slightly flat. Sits sturdy on the plate.
Skin – I gotta be honest, I have a hard time distinguishing this apple from Orleans Reinette.  Very similar makeup visually, red to orange blush with russeting mixed in, rough texture.  Some hints of green. Matte to Dull finish.
Flesh – Wonderful fine grained medium, breaking density. Slightly yellow. Juicy. Gives easily, almost crunchy.
Taste – When you bite into this apple, you get this slightly acidic flavor like its leading up to more, but it doesnt, but its really not a bad thing. You get hit with that, enjoy the juiciness, then there is a citrus after taste. Almost a lemon-orange flavor. These are a delightful treat. Most of these yellow fleshed apples dont have juicy backing to go with the great flavors, but this one does. Its got bite with the slight acidity, you’ll feel it in your throat. Virtually no aftertaste. Cristin tasted strawberry, but I didnt. There is some flavor I cant distinguish, and it only appears in a few bites, its a smooth unknown flavor.

Update: The smooth flavor is a combination of banana and mango. It has kept flawlessly past February 15th.

Bottom line: 

Fresh eating rating: 9/10 – Simply a wonderful treat.  It seems right on so many levels, its tasty, but not overwhelming, gets better in storage. This specimen has been in storage a month. Its refreshing, juicy, but not explosively crunchy. Its quickly becoming one of my favorites for dessert eating, and we’ll be cooking with them soon.
Culinary rating: 9/10 – Its unparalleled taste makeup is matched by its cooking ability. This is probably the best apple I’ve encountered in terms of dual purpose.

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