Fortune Apple Review

About –  Empire (MacIntosh x Red Delicious) crossed with Schoharie Spy (Spy Sport)
Named like a marketing tool. “If you grow this, you’ll make a fortune.” Also similar to its initial relase name of NY 429 “Four-Two-Nine”. Later season variety, tastes like battery acid if not allowed to mellow in storage.

Shape – Slightly flattened, fatter on one side, asymmetric, shaped like MacIntosh. A solid medium to large apple.
Skin – Thin like MacIntosh, has some snap to it. Offers some sweetness. Mostly red with a green background.
Flesh – Dense like Empire, slightly yellow, some crumbly, some crunchy.
Taste – Slightly tart, less so sweet. Woody type finish like Red Delicious. Honestly not a lot of dimension to the flavors. Flavors are light, but the flesh is dense.

Bottom line: I gotta say, I like these Fortunes more than any of the apples that make it up. I genuinely despise Empires and Spy’s are OK apples, but not meant for eating. So its kind of hard to indentify exactly what this apple is designed for. Eating quality is below average, not the worst apple I’ve eaten, but not really one i’d go reaching for on a craving. I view it as a orchard space filler, not many will love it, not many will hate it. If you believed the marketing name on this, planted an orchard focused on it, you’d probably be broke by now. This specimen was stored 5 weeks before testing. Does oxidize quickly.

For more on its release:

Fresh eating rating: 4/10 – Reminds me of some of the apples I dont enjoy eating, Red Delicious and MacIntosh. Very average.
Culinary rating: 3/10 – Not recommended, cooks to a soft consistency.

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