Jonagold Apple Review

About –  Cross between a Golden Delicious and a Jonathan.
Introduced in 1968.
More about the Jonagold release direct from Geneva archives:

Shape – Shaped like a Jonathan. Has a royal crown look to it. The epitome of what a Triploid is, king fruit can be huge! Some larger than your hand.
Skin – Thin, chewy, has a greasy feel to it. Mostly red, with yellow background. If there is green on it, its not ripe. Colors melt together like watercolor paint.
Flesh – A good density. Breaks easily, holds a lot of juice. Glistening. Not grainy.
Taste – Boom! Juicy sweet, banana, and tropical flavor like Mango. Delightfully sweet, doesnt become overly sweet, no sticky syrup on the lips.

Bottom line: Its just one of those apples that is just flat out solid good. I probably could eat these every week in the fall and winter and be left wanting more before fall. One of Roger Way’s proudest achievements (as seen in his letter to me). At first taste, this is probably more like a Golden Delicious than a Jonathan, but the combination of genetics has produced an apple that has better qualities than those of its parents. Hangs well on the tree, sometimes difficult to separate from the fruit spur. I honestly believe if it wasnt for Honeycrisp in the stores this would dominate sales for the sweet tooth, crispy apple lovers. A superior apple to Honeycrisp for quality of fresh eating. Oh! By the way, you can cook with it too! Specimen was stored 6 weeks before eating.

Fresh eating rating: 8/10 – It does fresh eating extremely well either stored or off the tree as long as it hangs until 90% red. Store bought Jonagold are not as explosively delicious as the tree ripened orchard ones. If you’re not into trying old antiques to get great flavor, this one wont disappoint.

Culinary rating: 7/10 – High rating for an apple that also eats well. Slices hold their shape in pie, barely. Cook to a soft chunk, the sweetness really shines, can be used as a substitute for sugar additives.

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