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10 Point Rating System Explained

Since its come into question on the interwebs by that “other apple guy“… J/K Adam. I’ll explain how I divide up the 10 point rating system. For the most part its a full point system unless I really waffle between … Continue reading

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Orleans Reinette Apple Review

About –  Discovered in the lowlands of France  in the mid 1700’s. Im not going to get into what the name means, but consider ‘Reinette’ to be a class of French apples. This apple would be considered an heirloom. I’d … Continue reading

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I’d like to invite everyone reading to a brand new community out there. Its focused on fruit and growing fruit. It has a wiki similar to wikipedia, anyone can edit articles and contribute to the wiki. The wiki is a … Continue reading

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Spigold Apple Review

About –  Northern Spy x Golden Delicious, developed in the 1960s at Cornell’s Geneva Experimentation Station. Roger Way’s top apple according to his list. Shape – Fairly round, slightly larger on top. Medium to Large apple. Skin – Mostly red with yellow … Continue reading

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Macoun Apple Review

About –  MacIntosh x Jersey Black, a lot of people locally think this is a cross between a MacIntosh and a Cortland, and it is not. It’s named after a famous Canadian fruit breeder, William T. Macoun. Read more about … Continue reading

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