Spigold Apple Review

About –  Northern Spy x Golden Delicious, developed in the 1960s at Cornell’s Geneva Experimentation Station. Roger Way’s top apple according to his list.

Shape – Fairly round, slightly larger on top. Medium to Large apple.
Skin – Mostly red with yellow flushes when ripe, yellow is green when not ripe. Russet on top, small amount, but consistent across specimens.
Flesh – Yellow fleshed apple in general, oxidizes quickly. Pretty juicy, similar to a well ripened golden delicious. Crunchy enough to deliver some snap, crumbles. Pretty dense.
Taste – Rushes of sweet, light tartness, tastes of almost pineapple essence. In a few samples I had, a few bites tasted of watermelon freeze pops. Some spiciness going on here from the spy. A lot of taste subtleties here, but the sweetness from the Golden Delicious prevails with some depth of flavor from the Northern Spy.

Bottom line:

This apple just seems to get better and better with age in storage. Its been in a 32 degree chest freezer for 8 weeks now. Odd, gangling growing habit. The tree is not pretty. Quite a few people say this apple is tricky to time in terms of peak flavor, but for me, over the past 3 weeks these have been wonderful. Not really good off the tree, but a delight in storage.

Fresh eating rating: 7/10 – Does a lot of things very well, great consistency between specimens and stores well. Flavors are a delight and doesnt overpower the senses. This will be a “bottom of the freezer” storage apple for me in the future. I would call this apple above average, but a delight to eat.

Culinary rating: 6/10 – We’ve had these in a pie with others as well as a crisp. They werent easily discernible from Jonagolds after being cooked. They werent the star of the baked goods we made, but they were a soft sweet chunk that delivered a lot of flavor.


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One Response to Spigold Apple Review

  1. Tim says:

    Spigold is still my favorite apple and that’s with stiff competition from newbies like Pink Lady. Oct. 2016 has been a great crop year for tree fruits here in the Nor-Cal coastal redwood belt. My Spigolds are only med. to med. large but there are plenty and flavor, sugars and juice are nicely concentrated. 80% to 100% unblemished beautiful fruit with no sprays, on its own. My standard for apple quality.

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