10 Point Rating System Explained

Since its come into question on the interwebs by that “other apple guy“… J/K Adam.
I’ll explain how I divide up the 10 point rating system.

For the most part its a full point system unless I really waffle between 2 points, like with Macoun, I gave it a 6.5 on fresh eating because I thought it was better than a 6 but wasnt quite comfortable putting it on the same plane as the others apples I’ve given a 7.

Elite Class

10 – Perfection, no discernible flaws including cultivation.
9 – Few relatively minor flaws, excels easily, a top apple of its purpose.
8 – High quality, considered better than most, a solid choice, unlikely to regret using.

Average Class

7 – Above average, beats a good majority of apples, but lacks that special *something*.
6 – Slightly above average, has something, but just not enough to impress.
5 – Very average, like a lot of other run-of-the-mill apples, not many special features.

Mediocre Class

4 – May have more than 1 detractor, below average, likely a once-a-year apple for me.
3 – Doesnt do much well, could also be disease prone, below average, I wont recommend it.
2 – May have one good feature, this one sits on top of the shoe class apple at the bottom of the barrel.

I’d-rather-eat-my-shoe Class

1 – Useless, cardboard, couldnt hit the ocean standing on the beach, avoid!

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2 Responses to 10 Point Rating System Explained

  1. Adam says:

    Eric, well explained, sir! And a good read.

    Thanks for taking the time to set it all out.

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