Roxbury Russet Apple Review

About –  Possibly the oldest United States named variety. Pre-1600’s. Origins unknown.

Shape – Flattened, but fatter on top than on the bottom.
Skin –  Rough, like a typical russet. mostly brown, flushes of orange. Smells of summer grass.
Flesh – Slightly yellow, tight, fine grained, not super juicy, dense. Crunchy!
Taste – A lot of similarities to Golden Russet in the flavor department, but not as sharp. Very light citrus notes, mixed with the grassy flavors of the skin, plus a sugary freshness. Very good! Some tangyness from time to time. This would probably go well eaten with a fruit bread, like Cristin’s cranberry orange bread. Cider flavors for sure.

Bottom line: This is the only apple of Roxbury Russet I took back from Scott Farm at the beginning of October. So, this one has been in cold storage for over 12 weeks now and its still tight, has good juice and is nicely sweet. Cutting into this, when the knife goes thru, it sounds like you’re slicing thru wood, its so dense.

Fresh eating rating: 7.5/10 – Solid, but like the other russets I’ve tasted. I havent had a Golden Russet stored this long, but I would probably find it to be similar in flavor, maybe more sugars. I am giving this a 7 based on flavor but an extra half point for how well it stored. The flavor wont blow your doors off, but its very good, and hard to find an apple that tastes this good, being off the tree for 12 weeks+. No dents, no bruising, tough as nails.

Culinary rating: N/A – Only 1 specimen, and I chose to taste test. I’ve heard these are unforgettable in apple sauces.


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