Ashmead’s Kernel Apple Review

About –  Era of the 1700’s. Originated near Gloucester, England, in the garden of a Dr. Ashmead. Newly discovered as a triploid.

Shape – Almost square shape, but more rounded edges. Has a flatter bottom. Uniform shape. I dont see bumps on these like seen on many others grown.
Skin –  Rough texture, like 400 grit sandpaper, covered in russet, rosy orange/pink cheek. Uniform textures, pretty attractive.
Flesh – Fine, crunchy, yellow class apple. Juicy enough.
Taste – Citrus is the first thing you get, then tangy. There is a brightness here, almost approaching a BURST type of flavor, but not quite. Hint of pear. Hint of floral. No vanilla notes or anything like that. Nuttiness from the skin adds to the experience. Sugars, tart, citrus notes all happen at once.

Bottom line: This apple is rated often very high in taste tests. Often top 5 in the Monticello Apple Taste Tests annually. A great sweet/tart balance that doesnt make you pinch your lips, just a lot of umani triggering salvation. A delightful treat, worth growing if your zone calls for it.

Specimen was stored for 13 weeks, it passes the “next year” test, its superb out of storage.
I’d say based on how well its held up, it may make it to March or April unscathed.

Fresh eating rating: 8/10 – A mellow experience compared to Orleans Reinette but delivers similar flavors. If you like a buttery smooth sweet/tart experience mixed with flavors of walnut, orange/citrus juice, this one is for you.

Culinary rating: Unrated for now – Havent personally done anything with this type of apple. But I have read its excellent in pies and baked goods. Once I get more of these next year when Samascott farm is back in full production, I may be able to give a personal rating. I’d proceed baking with these based on multiple internet sources.


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4 Responses to Ashmead’s Kernel Apple Review

  1. Adam says:

    Coincidentally I just ate my last of these today. On top of everything else great about this apple I was impressed by how well it held up just in a bag in my refrigerator.

  2. chris says:

    I took a gamble on planting this variety (trusting the info I read about it was true). So glad to find a review from someone who has actually tried it in person. I work at a nursery and we always strive to carry varieties of tree fruits and berries that our customers will like and that will perform well for them, which requires lots of research on our end, and I’ve learned over the years that catalog descriptions aren’t always what their cracked up to be . Thanks – keep up the great work!

  3. megamav says:

    Chris, thanks for the kind words. I again have a basket of these in my high humidity temperature controlled chest freezer. Some who like a really tangy experience would like these straight off the tree. If someone asks for tart, send them to the Ashmead’s rows. They have kept very well, you will likely be able to sell these in good condition out of a cold cellar thru the end of your selling season. I have dozens left, and they’re as crunchy and crumbly as the day I picked them. The flavor is different now, the acids have settled and the balance flavor of sweet and tart shines, 12 weeks after picking. If you’re looking for another great apple to compliment the Ashmead’s Kernel, look at Golden Russet. I have a review for it on this blog. Best. Ashmead’s are shy bearers, but the apples are very good.

    • megamav says:

      One more thing, look into Kidd’s Orange Red if you are to propagate trees. The USA needs more of them. Superior to Gala. Easy to manage shape of the tree, bears heavy. Netted russet. Aromatic, sweet.

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