Ginger Gold – Apple Review

Its review season again! We’ll start with one of our favorite early apples.

About –  Found as a chance seedling in Virginia. Likely parents are Golden Delicious and Newtown Pippin. Found in 1969 after Hurricane Camille.

Shape – Slightly lopsided, medium size. Uniform, some are larger on top, round.
Skin –  Green and yellow blended colors, very ripe specimens have orange flushes.
Flesh – A more dense, less soft Golden Delicious, but over time does soften to a Golden Delicious consistency, even in cold, high humidity storage.
Taste – Its fresh, juicy, crispy, and reminiscent of cooler summer nights.  Slightly sweet, slighty tart and the flavor lingers, unlike other early apples. Flavors are light, and include sweet lemon and dusted sugar. Cristin describes it as a lemonade and apple juice flavor.

Bottom line: This is not your typical early season, soft apple, with only flashes of flavor. This is a pretty full bodied apple compared to most of the early season offerings. Ginger Gold is one of our favorites early in the season, and it keeps reasonably well. Its been 3 weeks since we picked them and they are starting to break down a little bit now, but not much. If you loathe the softness of Golden Delicious, but enjoy the sweetness and want a little more tart experience, this is the apple to try. I think everyone should at least give this one a shot, and it really shines over the “Early Macs”, and offers more complexity in flavor over Zestar! and Paula Red. Ginger Gold is in a class of its own for first early apples, competes with Gala in flavor.

Variety Note: Still an early apple, so it has its limits. You cant expect high quality flavor for over a month off the tree. 

Fresh eating rating: 7/10 – If I were judging only early season apples it would be a solid 9 in my opinion. Fresh, bright, lemony pop, with sweetness. Refreshing

Culinary rating: 6/10 – Holds its shape, brightens the flavor of other apples, but you still cannot expect a richness normally associated with mid season apples, and classic cookers.


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