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Golden Russet – Apple Review

About –  Mysterious history. Said to be a seedling of English Russet, a long lost european russet. Discovered in the 1700’s. What IS Golden Russet? Its hard to say, There are so many confusing stories about Golden Russet, American Golden Russet, … Continue reading

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Winter Banana – Apple Review

About –  Discovered in Indiana during the mid to late 1800’s. Shape – Heart shaped, delicious like. Large sized apple, not as large as the largest available. Skin –  Thin, waxy, almost greasy. Shines well, Strawberry red on yellow. Very attractive. Flesh – Yellow, … Continue reading

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Akane – Apple Review

About –  Cross between Worcester Pearmain & Jonathan. Originated in Japan in the 1930s. Shape – Smaller side of medium apple. Flattened, almost heart shaped. Flat bottomed and uniformly round. Skin –  Red, sometimes crimson in places, marked with a netter russet, usually … Continue reading

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Jonathan – Apple Review

About –  Some sketchiness around where this apple came from, but the likely story is, its closely related to Esopus Spitzenburg. Discovered in Woodstock, New York, 1826. Shape – Round, slightly lumpy, mostly uniform. Medium in size. Leans on the plate. Skin –  Crimson … Continue reading

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SnowSweet – Apple Review

About –  Hybrid of Sharon and Connell Red, bred for cold hardiness and utility. Shape – Round, somewhat flattened. Sits well, slightly lopsided. Size varies greatly between specimens. Skin –  Snappy, similar to MacIntosh class apples. Relatively tasteless. Red on the sun side, green on … Continue reading

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