SnowSweet – Apple Review

About –  Hybrid of Sharon and Connell Red, bred for cold hardiness and utility.

Shape – Round, somewhat flattened. Sits well, slightly lopsided. Size varies greatly between specimens. 
Skin –  Snappy, similar to MacIntosh class apples. Relatively tasteless. Red on the sun side, green on the shaded side.
Flesh – Not snow white as its claimed, off white toward yellow, and it does oxidize a bit, quickly then stops. Density similar to Honeycrisp, does not have the same large grained pockets of crunchiness. Medium grain, medium density.
Taste – Sweet, only slightly tart. Refreshing. Fairly juicy. Faintness of vineyard green wine grapes. Ever had a Grapple? Very similar to that but without the artificial flavors and preservatives. 

Bottom line: Good fresh eater, I would say a solid apple, attractive on the tree. Not something I would personally grow, but does have market potential considering its makeup. It represents a lot of the same qualities that Honeycrisp does but a bit more interesting flavor. I loathe Honeycrisp for what it represents. Texture over flavor. 

Variety Note: This is from my parents tree, the tree is nicely formed, average vigor and upward spreading. Bears heavy, needs thinning. Diploid. Spray required. Harvest is late September. 

Fresh eating rating: 6/10 – Average, it has some nice redeeming qualities, but its just not my kind of apple. Other simply sweet apples do it better, consider Shizuka for sweet delight. 

Culinary rating: N/A – Not tested, but I should have a report from my parents sometime. 


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