Akane – Apple Review

About –  Cross between Worcester Pearmain & Jonathan. Originated in Japan in the 1930s.

Shape – Smaller side of medium apple. Flattened, almost heart shaped. Flat bottomed and uniformly round.
Skin –  Red, sometimes crimson in places, marked with a netter russet, usually close to the stem. Some greens in with the russet. Snappy, similar to MacIntosh, oddly enough.
Flesh – Crunchy, off-white to yellow tinge. Does not oxidize quickly. Not very dense, easy to eat.
Taste – “Fruit punch!” Cristin says to me, eating her first one. I can definitely taste that connection, there are some woody undertones to it. Generally sweet, pretty juicy. I like the flavor, but its a very fleeting momentary flavor. You bite into it, POW, fruity, juicy, then its gone.

Bottom line: Cristin loves them, its one of her all around favorites for eating. Its just not my thing really. Its not overly complex and its a very simple, easily relate-able flavor. Her tastes and opinions seem to line up with the general public more than mine. It does some things really well. Its a summer apple, but we find the flavor at its best when picked late September here in NY. It doesnt keep for more than a month. Its a GOOD apple, but when compared to others, all season round, merely average.

Variety Note: Its likely this variety never made it off the ground due to the russeting and its soft nature. One of the few Japanese born varieties than does not feature a Japanese apple variety as a parent. Not as popular in the USA as OrangePippin.com implies.

Fresh eating rating: 5/10 – Average, but may appeal to those that appreciate a simply, juicy, sweet apple.

Culinary rating: 2/10 – Poor, falls apart, light, does not add much of anything.


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2 Responses to Akane – Apple Review

  1. seapunk2 says:

    Thanks for your review on Akane! I planted one two years ago, no fruit yet. It’s a great pollinizer for so many of my other trees, I could hardly say no to it! Looking forward to a few next year, with a little luck.

  2. megamav says:

    The crops at the orchard were very heavy. Some fruit were undersized due to the lack of thinning. From what I can tell its reliable, and trees are upright and spread easily. If you like simple flavors, you’ll love this as a “2nd early” apple. Thanks for reading! -Eric

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