Apple References

applevarietiesandrootstocks – Apple Varieties and Rootstocks and Training Systems
rootstockspacing – Picking the Right Rootstock and Spacing for Your New Orchard
pruningguide – Training and Pruning Apple Trees
fruitsun – Effects of the sun on fruit
cornellhomefruit Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home – Excellent Beginners Guide
 Spectrum Analytic – Guide to Fertilizing & Side Effects
– Understanding when to pick thru science!
– Managing Pests in Home Fruit Plantings
– Concise table of rootstocks based on side and additional notes. 
– UNH’s spray schedule
applefreezedamage – Chart with temperature and loss percentages based on bud phase.
ploidyreference – A recent UK reference and list of common Triploids and Teraploids.z
applestorage – Tips from Iowa state on cold storing apples.
gwapplefavorites – GardenWeb Forum’s Apple Favorites Spreadsheet.


2 Responses to Apple References

  1. I really like your website! It is very informative. We started planting our orchard this year, and I will definitely use your site as a reference when deciding on which trees to add in the future.

  2. John Guest says:

    Hi, Found your website and enjoyed flicking through pages – you are obviously passionate about your apples and one thing that comes through is; “to fully enjoy an apple, ensure you eat it prime condition” – I have always said that 95% of apples taken and eaten from the tree in optimum condition deliver a good eat, but only 5% (probably) have the ability to last in the fruit bowl for more than a week, which is why there are so few apples that are successful on a global basis…I will link your website to mine….Take care The English Apple Man

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