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Almost Apple Time!

The best apples of the season are upon us. The Mid-season! I will likely not write up any reviews of apples this year unless there is an apple locally that intrigues me, so there will be a possibility. I’ve already covered … Continue reading

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Golden Russet – Apple Review

About –  Mysterious history. Said to be a seedling of English Russet, a long lost european russet. Discovered in the 1700’s. What IS Golden Russet? Its hard to say, There are so many confusing stories about Golden Russet, American Golden Russet, … Continue reading

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Winter Banana – Apple Review

About –  Discovered in Indiana during the mid to late 1800’s. Shape – Heart shaped, delicious like. Large sized apple, not as large as the largest available. Skin –  Thin, waxy, almost greasy. Shines well, Strawberry red on yellow. Very attractive. Flesh – Yellow, … Continue reading

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Akane – Apple Review

About –  Cross between Worcester Pearmain & Jonathan. Originated in Japan in the 1930s. Shape – Smaller side of medium apple. Flattened, almost heart shaped. Flat bottomed and uniformly round. Skin –  Red, sometimes crimson in places, marked with a netter russet, usually … Continue reading

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Jonathan – Apple Review

About –  Some sketchiness around where this apple came from, but the likely story is, its closely related to Esopus Spitzenburg. Discovered in Woodstock, New York, 1826. Shape – Round, slightly lumpy, mostly uniform. Medium in size. Leans on the plate. Skin –  Crimson … Continue reading

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SnowSweet – Apple Review

About –  Hybrid of Sharon and Connell Red, bred for cold hardiness and utility. Shape – Round, somewhat flattened. Sits well, slightly lopsided. Size varies greatly between specimens. Skin –  Snappy, similar to MacIntosh class apples. Relatively tasteless. Red on the sun side, green on … Continue reading

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Our first apples

We picked our first apples on September 20th. On the left, Jonamac, and on the right Kidd’s Orange Red. Some slight flyspeck and Sooty Blotch just adds character. We tasted the Jonamac, and had some Aged Cheddar with it, delicious. … Continue reading

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