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Geneva scion wood came in!

I put in an order for scion wood with Cornell/Geneva. I didnt know how well it was going to work, so I put in an order by mail. Their catalog is listed online and it include instructions on how to … Continue reading

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Suncrisp Apple Review

About –  Golden Delicious cross with a Cox’s Orange Pippin and Cortland hybrid. Relatively new apple, released in the Mid 1990s by Rutgers University in New Jersey. Shape – Golden Delicious like, fatter on top, tapered and rounded bottom. Skin … Continue reading

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Ashmead’s Kernel Apple Review

About –  Era of the 1700’s. Originated near Gloucester, England, in the garden of a Dr. Ashmead. Newly discovered as a triploid. Shape – Almost square shape, but more rounded edges. Has a flatter bottom. Uniform shape. I dont see bumps on … Continue reading

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Roxbury Russet Apple Review

About –  Possibly the oldest United States named variety. Pre-1600’s. Origins unknown. Shape – Flattened, but fatter on top than on the bottom. Skin –  Rough, like a typical russet. mostly brown, flushes of orange. Smells of summer grass. Flesh – … Continue reading

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